Friday, 2 December 2016

How to apply the PERFECT red glitter lipstick for Christmas!

Christmas makeup for 2016 will be all about that glitter!

For some reason glitter lips are CRAZY in trend right now, so if there was ever a year you wanted to wear an awesome glittery lip without feeling too over the top - this is the year to do it.

In today's tutorial I teach you how to apply the perfect red glitter lipstick for your Christmas event!

You can watch the video tutorial here or continue reading for a step-by-step look at how to be the shiniest elf in the room at the Christmas Party.

What you will need for the lipstick:

M.A.C. Cosmetics - Cherry Lip Liner, buy here:
Inglot - Red Lipstick, buy here:
BH Cosmetics - Loose Red Glitter, buy here:
Gorgeous Cosmetics - Glitz Fix, buy here:

Or you can substitute the above products for similar ones you already have. I will mention here thought that the Glitz Fix is the most important thing in creating this look - without some sort of glitter adhesive you're really going to struggle to get this look on point!

Firstly, line your lips using your red lip liner pencil, and at this point you are also creating the base for an intense red lip by completely filling in the lips with that pencil too.

Next apply your red lipstick over the top of that. This just adds an extra layer of red to make the glitter really shine!

The third step is to apply the Glitz Fix, I did this step one lip at a time, starting with the bottom lip. Once you have applied the Glitz Fix over the entire bottom lip take your loose glitter and dip a small makeup brush into almost want to scoop the glitter up with the brush.

Then lean forward slightly to avoid a glitter mess all over your chin and start to pat the glitter onto the lip covered in Glitz Fix. Do this until the entire lip is covered in glitter.

Repeat the process for the top lip and just like that you're ready to be the sparkliest betch around this Chrismas!

Pair it with this gold cut crease eyeshadow for a super sexy look!

(Tutorial for the cut crease on the EyedolizeMakeup YouTube channel).

I have lots of Christmas themed looks coming over the next few weeks, including beauty looks, freaky looks, super easy to create looks and MORE! Make sure you're subscribed to the Eyedolize Makeup YouTube channel for updates!

xoxo Bridgitte