Monday, 18 July 2016

Stop Your Concealer from Creasing Forever With This One Simple Trick!

Up until now, in my 12 years of applying makeup on myself, I have struggled with my liquid & cream concealers creasing underneath my eyes. I have found super inconvenient ways of fixing it, like re-applying concealer half way through the day or using powder concealers (which never have as good a coverage as the liquids).

But I have FINALLY found the solution and I absolutely had to share my experience so that all the ladies out there with the same problem can finally make it through a day without worrying that their concealer has sunken into those little lines and ultimately made us look older, tired and not as neat - all the things we are trying to cover up with this product in the first place!

Have you heard of baking?! No, I don’t mean the cupcake kind. Baking is the new beauty trend currently sweeping through the YouTube world. And as soon as I heard about it’s benefits and results, I immediately had to try it.

So the basic concept of baking is that you apply your concealer as you normally would, I use Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer in the colour 20 Sand Sable, under my eyes, around my nose and on my cheeks if needed. I also use a beauty blender to push the concealer into the skin just for that extra fix!  

Then you take a translucent powder or a setting powder like Ben Nye’s neutral set powder, dip your damp beauty blender into this powder and apply it over the top of the concealer….but you don’t wipe it away or blend it in! Oh no no no no, you let it sit on top of the concealer for 10 minutes….like this…

After the 10 minutes are up take a large powder brush and gently sweep over the powder. I know it sounds like 10 minutes is a long time to add on to your beauty routine but it really isn’t…and you actually don’t need to take any longer to do your makeup at all! I apply the powder and then do my eyebrows or contouring while I wait for the powder to do its thing. 

This is honestly the only effective way I have found to keep concealer from creasing under my eyes and I have been using it for the last week with different concealers and the same results  every time! 
And not only does it assist with concealing, the process also works as a great highlighter! I do this on the tops of my cheeks and it works a dream! Perfect highlight - errrrytime! 

If you want to follow along with the video you can check out the tutorial here: Baking Makeup Technique Tutorial by Eyedolize Makeup

And if you want to try out any of the products I used in this tutorial here are the links to where you can purchase them:

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If you try this technique out leave me a comment below letting me know your results! 

xx Bridgitte