Friday, 25 March 2016

The Most Awesome Easter Bunny Makeup Ideas for 2016

Hey Eyedolizers!!

Easter is here!!! And while many find it the best day to have the excuse of eating chocolate for breakfast (who needs an excuse!?), I find it the best day to try out some awesome bunny makeup!! This year I have compiled together some of the best bunny makeup ideas from some of the most talented makeup artists out there! Enjoy!

1. The Pretty Bunny

A great bunny look for girls who want a prettier option! This is a great one to wear to work if you work in an environment that wants you to dress up for Easter (retail stores). Bunnies don't normally have red lips, but it totally works for this look! Pair your makeup look with some black lace bunny ears - gorgeous!

2. The Face Paint Bunny

A PERFECT look for kids on Easter! This look is extra adorable when you add the carrot finger painting to it. Add some little bunny ears or a bow headband to make your itty bitty bunny the cutest one around!

Source: Glamcheck

The Cute & Simple Bunny

An Eyedolize original tutorial. I created this one when I was running to an Easter event and threw this on very last minute. I filmed it for a tutorial and it has gone surprisingly well! I have plenty of great feedback and lots of girls send me photos of their re-creations of this look, which I LOVE to see! This is a great Easter bunny look for a last minute makeup or for a slightly pretty but still quite face-painty type of look. You can check out the full tutorial for this look on the link below.

4. The Full Bunny Makeup

For the lovers of extreme makeup, the ones who have hours to work on their costume, the ones who want to be the best of the best! This incredible and realistic bunny makeup is for you! This look was created by an incredibly talented makeup artist who you may have heard of before. Maria Malone-Guerbaa has transformed herself into many realistic animal makeup looks in the past so be sure to check out some of her other work if you've never seen it before!

I hope this has helped you out with your Easter makeup ideas!!! Happy Easter Eyedolizers!!! 

xx Bridgitte