Tuesday, 29 March 2016

5 of The Most Impressive Game of Thrones Makeup Creations

Hey Eyedolizers!

Well we're all in eager anticipation for Game of Thrones Season 6 to begin! I constantly have posts about it popping up in my news feed or overhear people talking about it while sitting in cafe's. And it got me in the mood to start checking out some makeup tutorials and looks, and let me tell you there are some SERIOUSLY AWESOME looks out there! I just had to share these ones with you - Enjoy!

1. The Hound

This look was created by an incredibly talented makeup artist by the name of Claire Bryant, who has also created many other GOT looks. Check her out on Instagram!

Source: Claire Bryant

2 & 3. Daenerys & Drogon

Two amazing makeup looks created by one artist, in one video!

Source: FreshBlush

4. Lady Stoneheart

This is a screenshot from this amazing tutorial. Check out the full video on the link below to see the amazing final look. 

Source: Loepsie

5. White Walker

This is definitely my favourite look! It is so stunning to look at, while this particular look wasn't done as a tutorial, but instead a high speed application, there are plenty of White Walker tutorials out there on YouTube!

Source: Elsa Rhae

xx Bridgitte