Thursday, 22 October 2015

Literally The Easiest Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas EVER!

So it's the day before (or worse et - the day of) Halloween and you're one of those people who couldn't decide on a costume or just assumed something would jump out at you with inspiration...but your wishful thinking didn't quite work. Now you're in a panic because you're heading to a Halloween party in a few hours and you know everyone is dressing up! All your friends are talking about their costumes that they've been working on for weeks and you're about to blow all your money on the last costume available in the store just to save face.

Well put away your purse and stress no more! I have compiled a list of the easiest Halloween makeup ideas ever!! You could literally pull one of these off in 10 minutes and still look like you put in at least a bit of effort!

1. The Scarecrow

This makeup is so simple yet looks so perfect paired with some denim and a flannelette shirt! Add a straw hat or hair piece and if you want to keep it as a beauty look simply add some gorgeous curls to your hair and apply a glamour eye makeup!

Check out more information on this look at: Sarah & Elizabeth

2. The Cat

If you have ANY form of cat ear headband lying around your house you can create this look. Or even if you don't - I once made cat ears out of a regular headband, some sticky tape and black cardboard. Use some eyeliner to add a few whiskers, blacken your top lip and the tip of your nose - TA DAAAA! You're a kitty cat! Meow! 

Find this look at nicoleguerriero

3. The Doll

Creepy or Cute? Either way it makes for a simple Halloween makeup!! Add some freckles to your cheeks using a brown eyeliner pencil. White liner your water line and add pink lipstick to the centre of your lips. Tie your hair up into piggy tails and voila! You're a doll ;) 

This look can be found at Nathalia Kalil

4. Super Simple Harley Quinn

Create this super simple Harley Quinn makeup by filling in a messing black diamond shape over one eye using an eyeliner crayon and overextending some red lipstick on one side. SAH EASY!!!

Find this look at AllisonsPalace

5. The Mime

This is possibly the most low-key mime look EVER! Just slightly extend your eyeliner down to your cheeks and grab one of these hats. Bob's-Your-Uncle!

Find this look at Caitlin

I hope you all have an incredible Halloween for 2015!!! 

xoxo Bridgitte