Tuesday, 22 September 2015

6 Ways To Wear Your Vampire Makeup Slightly Differently This Halloween

Hey Eyedolizers!!!

Halloween is just around the corner and all the costume and makeup options can get seriously overwhelming! So I will be doing posts up until Halloween to compile looks together and hopefully make your choices a bit easier.

Today's post is going to focus on another classic Halloween makeup - The Vampire!!!

Vampire costumes have been around since forever!!! And they can become a little boring, normal or standard. So here are 6 ideas on how to slightly "vamp up" (if you will), your vampire makeup for this Halloween!

1. The Sexy Vampire

This is a look that I think most females attempt to achieve at one point or another in their trick or treating life! But it can be done wrong, VERY WRONG!! So I suggest taking a page out of Linda Hallberg's book by creating a dark plum smokey eye, pair it with a red lip, throw in some vampire fangs and red contacts! And finish it off by running a teasing comb through your locks and pop on a lacy black dress - BAM! Sexy Vampire in a few easy steps. I do want to point out though that I think the addition of the red contacts for this look is pretty important - it really adds that difference to a standard vampire look.

Find this look at Linda Hallberg

2. The Drawn on Fangs

Let's be honest, those vampire fangs can get annoying!! Especially if you are attempting to eat all of your Halloween candy! So why not try this little trick from Depeche Gurl and paint them on? This way you remove the hassle of constantly having to glue your fangs back in, you can still speak normally, AND it's super simple to create this look!

Find this look at Depeche Gurl

3. The Recently Transformed Vampire

LOVE this look by the beautiful Desi Perkins. Just by adding a bite wound to the neck you create a whole new character for your vampire. And with a little bit of blood dripping down next to your mouth it's as though this lady has recently become a vampire and just tasted her first victim. Note once again the addition of contacts, these white ones are a beautiful touch and really add to the effectiveness too! 

Find this look at Desi Makeup

4. Vampire Bride

This look will generally be a bit more extravagant and take some more planning and props to pull it off right, but I think the addition of a white outfit to a vampire makeup really sets it off! You can always pick up a cheap wedding dress from an op shop to create this look and add a few drops of blood around the mouth and some fangs for a simple vampire makeup to accompany your amazing ensemble! 

Find this look at Iberian Black Arts

5. The Vampire Diaries Inspired Vampire

Why not stick to our generation, because let's face it, there are a million and 1 vampire shows and movies around nowadays! How about recreating this incredible Vampire Diaries inspired makeup by the beautiful Kelly Marie. She shows you how to create it in an incredibly simple to follow tutorial.

Find this look at MissKMarieXo

6. The Female Dracula Vampire

Or male!! If you are one! But I wanted to add in this awesome create by the incredibly talented Julia Graf. This is more of a traditional, scary vampire look and I love the addition of the high collar costume. Add some purples, reds and blacks to your eyeshadow and make it BOLD! Then once again, pop in some fangs...add a little extra blood dripping around your mouth than you would for some of the other looks - this vampire is fierce!!!

Find this look at Julia Graf

And so concludes my little guide to your slightly different Vampire looks for this Halloween. I hope if you were planning on going as a vampire that this has been of some assistance to you :) And make sure to follow this blog for my upcoming Halloween idea posts!

See you soon for more CREEPY ideas! 

xoxo Bridgitte