Friday, 24 July 2015

8 Ways to Make Your Halloween Skeleton Makeup Feminine & Beautiful

We all know that a skeleton or skull makeup is an absolute classic and timeless Halloween favourite. And with all the amazingly talented makeup artists in the world there are certainly a growing number of ways to make your skeleton makeup stand out when Halloween comes around. Here is a collection of 8 of the most beautiful and unique ways to wear you skull makeup to give you a beautiful and feminine touch on a normally black and white look.

1. A Basic Half-Face Skeleton with a Flower Crown

This look is incredibly easy to recreate and can be done by applying your standard base makeup, a black smokey eye that extends over your eyebrow, and some strategic placement of black lines to one side of your face. Add a crisp red lip to the other half and top it off with a large flower crown! Voila! So simple, so beautiful!

Find this look at Sunkissedandmadeup

2. A Regular Black & White Skeleton but with Coloured Hair!

Skeleton makeups are so effective and bold on their own that just the simple addition of a bit of colour can seriously make this look POP! Apply your regular black and white skull and then dye your hair a crazy colour (literally any colour will look great with it). Or if you're lucky enough to have light blonde hair throw in some hair chalk which you can wash out the next day! And there is always the option of buying a cool wig for a quick colour change option.

Find this look at SheLookBook

3. Extremely Subtle Skeleton Makeup

Something about the extreme subtleness of this look just makes it so feminine and delicate to look at. An easy look to recreate for a last minute Halloween Skull makeup!

Find this look at Sokolum

4. Bling Sugar Skull Makeup

Technically not a Halloween makeup, but actually a decoration used during Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. However, in recent years it has become more common for people to wear something resembling sugar skulls for Halloween. I don't believe this is meant to offend in any way but actually believe that people began wearing this type of makeup as a beautiful alternative to the normal scary skeleton look. Here is an example of a beautiful way to wear a sugar skull, simply by using one feature colour and some sequins - how stunning is this!

Find this look at Makeup Your Jangsara

5. Glow In The Dark Skeleton Makeup

Once again, this looks more like a Sugar Skull makeup, however you could simply add some glow in the dark products to a regular skeleton makeup for a seriously cool effect! Especially if you are heading out for some night-time trick or treating, or to a Halloween party! You'll definitely stand out on the dance floor with this look!

Find this look at Ashley Meagher Makeup Design

6. Half Skeleton, Half Marilyn Monroe

A beauty icon, crossed with a Halloween classic. This is definitely a genius way to make your skeleton more feminine this Halloween! This beautiful half skull, half marilyn monroe look was created by the incredibly talented Sarah Chambers.

Find this look at Sarah Chambers

7. Lower Half Face Skeleton

This lower half face skeleton still allows you to have a sexy smokey or cat eye look. And note the addition of slightly purple tinged hair! A stunning makeup for Halloween.

Find this look at Chrisspy

8. Rainbow Skeleton Makeup

And last but not least - another EyedolizeMakeup original. The addition of rainbow to any skull look is just awesome! Try out this awesome melting skull look for a definite difference this Halloween. Alternatively you could create rainbow hair using hair chalks, or have someone else splatter rainbow face paint across your face and neck for a completely different rainbow skull effect!

Find this look at Eyedolize Makeup

I hope this has helped you on your quest to become a beautiful and feminine skeleton this Halloween! 

Happy trick or treating! 

xoxo Bridgitte

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