Sunday, 19 July 2015

10 Absolutely Stunning Rainbow Makeup Designs

How beautiful and magical are rainbows?! And how amazing is it that we can wear them on our faces?! Here is a collection of 10 of the most beautiful rainbow makeup looks on the internet. A mixture of looks that could be great for kids parties, pride parades or just because you LOVE rainbows!

This first look is incredibly simple to create, and for such a little amount of detail it really creates a beautiful and effective rainbow look, without being OTT. 

You can find this beautiful look at Bows and Curtseys

Or take it a little higher, add some glitter and create some beautiful rainbow glitter eyebrows!!

Find these glitter brows at GlitterGirlC

If you're feeling super daring then why not try out this STUNNING full face dripping rainbow makeup by the incredible talented MadeULook. She has created this look specifically for pride purposes but it could definitely be used for a kid's party or even a cool, bright Halloween makeup.

Check out more of this beautiful look at MadeYewLook

Or for those kids who don't want to sit still that long but still want an amazing rainbow makeup, why not try out this beautiful rainbow butterfly face paint!

Find this and more amazing face paint looks at Amanda's Elaborate Eyes

And bringing it back to basics a little more, this rainbow lipstick look would be great for a pride parade if you were wanting something simple and didn't have a whole lot of time to spend painting rainbows on your face!

Find this rainbow lipstick look at Euphoria

Now rainbows are already incredible bright but if you crave BRIGHTER then this is the look for you! This neon rainbow eyeshadow will definitely have you standing out!

Find this neon rainbow eyeshadow look at XSparkage

OR go the opposite way and soften the rainbow down a bit by making it a pastel style eyeshadow.

Find this beautiful pastel rainbow eyeshadow at Maryam Maquillage

This simple but really cool festival makeup is super wearable and is very eye-catching!

Check this look out, including full output inspo to go with it at Kristen Leanne Style

If you just don't really posses the artistic makeup skills then why not grab some of these rainbow lashes and create a quick and easy rainbow eyelash look!

View more of this lash look at Queen of Blending

And last but not least is an EyedolizeMakeup original creation! Why not try out these rainbow scale pattern lips for your next rainbow themed event?! I promise they are WAY easier than they look :)

Find this look (and more rainbow looks) at Eyedolize Makeup YouTube channel

As you can see there are SO many different rainbow creations out there to try! Let me know which of these looks is your favourite by leaving a comment below :)

xoxo Bridgitte