Tuesday, 30 June 2015

An Easy Bunch of Batman Character Tutorials - Take Your Pick for Halloween!

Hey there! So Halloween is coming up again - I realise it's still a few months away but it is my favourite time of year and I tend to get too excited to wait until Halloween to start deciding on costumes and playing with looks. So I started a Batman series on my YouTube channel and I will DEFINITELY be adding more looks to the series but here is what I have created so far.

Each tutorial is easy to follow so you can recreate your favourite one for Halloween!

BATMAN MASK: First up, the classic, a mask inspired by the man himself and a super easy creation of it. The great thing about this mask is that it is so gender neutral that it is fun for a girl and a boy (old school slinky reference - who got it? :P ).

Full tutorial here: Batman Makeup/Face Paint Mask

TWO FACE MAKEUP: A fantastic villain look and a really effective makeup that will definitely leave people talking about your awesome Halloween costume for a while :) 

Full tutorial here: Green Two Face Makeup Tutorial

CATWOMAN MAKEUP - This tutorial shows you how to create the old-school cat woman look. I will probably also do an updated one (more like the Anne Hathaway version) soon as well.

Full tutorial here: Catwoman Makeup Tutorial

BANE MAKEUP MASK TUTORIAL - Definitely one of the more difficult ones and I would only recommend doing this one if you have at least 2 hours free to apply your makeup before you head off to your Halloween event. Also practice your Bane voice or walk around using dubsmash the whole time you're wearing this look. The Bane voice is HARD! haha

Full tutorial here: Bane Makeup Mask Tutorial

So these are my creations so far. I will be adding more to this series as I am receiving HEAPS of requests, mainly for Harley Quinn and The Joker. Leave me a comment below if you have a particular Batman character you want to see and subscribe to the Eyedolize Makeup YouTube Channel if you want updates on the new videos :) 

xoxo Bridgitte