Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fruity Lipstick featuring Stawberry, Pineapple & Kiwi Fruit! Part 1

Hey there sweet lips!!

I recently decided to create a strawberry lipstick look after getting a CRAZY strawberry craving while they were out of season (and ridiculously expensive)! So I satisfied my craving with an artistic outlet :)

After I'd posted up this tutorial, I received fantastic feedback from my YouTube subscribers! And they wanted to see more - so I've created a series of colourful and cute lipsticks that I think look pretty good - good enough that I feel like eating fruit when I see them! So I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them:

Fruity Lips Look 1: Strawberry Lipstick


Snazaroo - Green Face Paint
Lime Crime - Red Velvet Velvetines Lipstick
Lime Crime - Lunar Sea Liquid Eyeliner
(Yep that's all you need!!!! - so easy!)

Fruity Lips Look 2: Pineapple Lipstick


Snazaroo - Green Face Paint
Snazaroo - Yellow Face Paint
Snazaroo - Orange Face Paint
Mehron - White Face Paint
(WHAT?!?! This is just too simple!)

Fruity Lips Look 3: Kiwi Fruit Lipstick


Mehron - White Face Paint
Mehron - Black Face Paint
Sugarpill Cosmetics - Acidberry Eyeshadow
Ben Nye - Jade Eyeshadow

I hope you enjoy these fruitlicious looks!!! Subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates on more looks coming very shortly! :) 

xoxo Bridgitte