Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Greg Pug FINALLY conquered the ocean!

Last Thursday we woke up and were hankering for a beach trip. We live in a suburb about 20 minutes away from the beach, on the Gold Coast, and we definitely don't take advantage of it enough!

So we packed up the car and put the Puppia on the pug and off we went!

Now Greg has been to the beach a handful of times since we've owned him...the VERY first time probably didn't go down so well...Luke thought it would be a good idea to -DROP- Greg in the water as he thought this would teach him to learn to love it...hmmm, I was unsure of Luke's theory but eventually agreed to let him try it. A decision I immediately regretted as I watched my fur baby plonk into the ocean then scramble out with the most terrified look on his face....needless to say every trip to the beach since then Greg has kept a good 50 metres away from the ocean and us!

This was the actual moment from that terrifying first ordeal!
So this particular trip to the beach on Thursday I was expecting the same reaction from my little guy! We'd get to the beach and let Greggy off his lead, Luke and I would walk down to the water and greg would stay up top on the soft sand chasing people who he believed would be more trustworthy parents! 

But to our surprise he decided to walk with us, and slowly let his little paws get a bit wet as the waves rolled thing I new the waves were rushing over his head! He would quickly bound out back onto the safe sand but it wasn't long before he'd get his daredevil pants back on and run straight back naturally we had to document this exciting moment in pug parent life! And we caught our little dude conquering the ocean for the first time! YOU GO GREG COCO! :P

Check out the video below

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