Thursday, 14 August 2014

Meet GREG!!! The Pug Dude!

Sooo I thought it was about time I introduced you guys to Greg! He is the other love of my life (after Luke of course! - okay maybe equal to).

Greggy was a semi-accidental purchase...I found a breeder who had a brand new litter of puppies. After a little convincing Luke agreed that we could go and LOOK at the puppies, I emphasise that Luke was the one who said look and not buy...

So we arrived at the "Pug Farm" as we still refer to it as. Imagine 200 pugs all running around the same yard - it.was.AMAZING!!! And the breeder led us to this little lonely pen where we were welcomed by a gorgeous little fawn girl who was a little shy but absolutely adorable! I was about to lean down to cuddle her when out ran this crazy lil bundle of black fur, he leapt on top of the fawn pug and stared up at us with his "play with meeeeeee" eyes.

That was the moment I saw Luke's eyes turn soft, he switched his puppies eyes on and looked at me...."can we get him?!?!" he begged which I was powerless, I couldn't resist that ridiculous little smooshy face and the hilarious grunt as he ran. 2 days later we drove the hour and a half back to the breeder's house and picked up.....Gregory!!!!!

He hates the ocean, but loves showers.

He, i mean LOVES food and will do anything for it. His favourite food is bacon.

He sleeps in the bed with us and snores the entire time!

He loves sunbaking, he's extremely hard to get a photo of because he's so black! He has the most awesome personality, he lives to go on walks and play with other dogs.

Gregory is the best semi-accidental decision I've ever made and he makes every day brighter. 

Expect to see lots more of this ridiculous little dude! :)