Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Rainbow Kisses!!

Today I've done an easy rainbow lipstick tutorial to go with my rainbow eyeshadow :)

Check out the lipstick tutorial here:

I used:

~Gorgeous Cosmetics - White iPrime
~Gorgeous Cosmetics - Sand Shimmer Loose Powder
~Derivan Face & Body Paint

Hope you enjoy this colourful look!

Monday, 28 April 2014

A Little Taste of Tazzy

In May of 2013 I received a call from my Dad asking me if I would like to pickup a motorhome from Tasmania and drive it back up to Brisbane...it was perfect timing as I was having one of those "need a huge change of scenery" times in my life, so naturally I jumped at the offer.

Luke of course wanted to tag along and so we hit the road. 

The boy was having sinus issues and attempted to fix it with hot coffee on his face.... :/ figure that one out! Haha

After our flight was delayed from Melbourne - Tazzy for 5 hours!! we decided our best bet was to...hit the bar, of course! And please note Luke's amazing Matt Preston impression after we spotted him walking through the airport :P

And so this was to be our home for the next 2 weeks...

...it only had a single bed and no shower so we quickly designed a makeshift bed using milk crates and cushions....safe to say we were both in desperate need of massages when we got home.

After a few days on the road in Tasmania I had decided this was the most stunningly beautiful place I had ever visited. It was Autumn when we were there and the colours from all the leaves changing on the trees was incredible...I still can't get over the size of the maple leaves!

If you ever travel Tasmania I recommend doing it with no plan...yes I'm serious! Take the time to enjoy it's beauty and don't have a schedule. Stop in little towns because they have many gorgeous little cafes and shops hidden in there. 

The Port Arthur ghost tour is a great experience and the guides make it a lot of fun. Do the tourist things because they are actually worth it, the Cataract Gorge, Glow Worm tours and Bay of Fire are all fascinating and a must see! 

Thank goodness we took our handmade shark beanies!!! It was chilly on top of Cataract Gorge.

The only thing I would highly urge you to avoid is the 'Mona' museum...yeah it has some pretty interesting things but not worth the money you pay and also there's a room of poo...yes it is exactly that! If you do go against my advice then expect to gag when you walk in...I would recommend you to drive the few kms up the road and go to the Cadbury factory! A far more rewarding visit :)

I hope you enjoyed my Tasmania part of our "Escaping Brisbane" adventures!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Red & Yellow & Pink & Green....Rainbow Eyeshadow!!!

Hi Guys!!

So I was feeling a bit uber happy today and decided to express that happiness on my eyes!!! Woooo! So below you can check out my rainbow eyeshadow tutorial :D

Great for a pride parade or rainbow themed party!

Eyeshadows used were Inglot and Gorgeous Cosmetics shimmer powder

Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

It's Easter!!!

Happy Easter everybody!! And it's one of my favourite holidays (because you can eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and no one can say a word about it!).

But I also love it because of the awesome pastel colours you can incorporate into your makeup!

I put some videos together for how to do these awesome lips and eyes for Easter day! Check them out below

Pastel Ombre Lips:

Pastel Eyes:

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday and eat a CRAZY amount of chocolate - I know I will ;)