Monday, 25 November 2013

Beauty, Geek & The Pug

Hi there!

So this is my first ever blog post and I'm just going to introduce you all to my life, love and family.

Luke and I are a creative pair from the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.
Our other family member is Gregory, the doofus pug - he is a stack of fun and I am sure you will be hearing a lot more about him from me :)

I am a 22 year old makeup artist - and having owned my own business for the last 2 years I can't explain the enjoyment and motivation I receive from my job and my beautiful clients. As a night owl  I would never have imagined I would be excited to jump out of bed at 3am on Saturday mornings to head to work, but when you truly love what you do there is just no effort in doing whatever it takes to succeed!

Luke is 27 and a tech geek working as a retail slave in a telecommunications company (wooo!) haha, but luckily as one of the loudest and most charismatic people I know, Luke could make picking apples all day a fun job. On the side he works on his animations and his beloved car (a super old Mercedes that smells like a chain-smoking, old spice-wearing, grandpa). Although I will admit, the car has character, and it suits Luke :)

Greg is 1 year old and lives for the moments Luke and I accidentally drop food (especially bacon) on the floor. He is always nearby ready to pounce! He is possibly the coolest little dude I've ever been around and his face makes it impossible to ever be sad or mad for very long.

Luke and I are both loud, social beings and love a good beer drinking sesh at a Beer Cafe or with close friends at a house party. We are also both very motivated, hard-working and travel bugs! We are planning quite a few adventures in 2014 which I will keep you informed on.

And so this is us!

Next blog coming soon :)